Charlotte Dupont has her origins in Paris, where she was born and spent her childhood. Her connection with images established itself when she was 11 making annual vacation films with a friend. They were looked at and commented upon by one of the great masters of cinema, Alain Resnais. Her connection with the image then took the form of acting, when she was 17, with Nicolas Klotz in La Neige en Afrique and in Les Traces de Ton Père dans la Cendre, then with other European directors, Jose-Luis Guérin’s En la Ciudad (Official selection Mostra 64), Christophe Hermans’La Balançoire (official selection Magritte 2010).

Charlotte Dupont settles in Brussels in 2002 and also works there as scriptwriter on the national level for Michael Bier, Alice de Vestel, Cédric Eeckhout, as well as internationally for José-Luis Guérin, Brieuc Dupont, Eric Guirado … In 2018 she creates BRAVOURE, a fiction series project, developped with Ann Sirot and Marie Enthoven produced by Septembre Production. The link between acting and scenario led her onto the path of directing.

In 2007, she shot La Peau Claire, and in 2013, she received the support of the Communauté Française de Belgique for her second short film, Inacia, produced by Hélicotronc. In 2016, the plenary session of the CNC awarded her an aid for rewriting to finance her third short film, Les Petits Obliques.

Between 2009 and 2010, Charlotte Dupont lived in New Mexico, USA. Her solitude, her imagination and the immensities of the desert drove her to act in short videos of autofiction that she regularly posted on her blog. Today they number close to 200. With them, she made a short film, Everywhere You Go.

In 2011, she was chosen for a residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico, USA. She continued to film herself, “as in American films,” which, once the capsules mounted together, became the short film Playing Make Believe.

It was during this residency that she developed the experimental video project of insertion into neorealist films,Starlet, study unanimously selected by the jury in 2014 for the first prize in the Concours National de la Banque Belfius Belgique. She exhibits this work regularly, and in particular it was last exhibited in Molenbeek, where she lived (and was formerly a student at the Académie des Arts) from 2012 until 2016.

In 2012, with Mathilde Elu, she created the duo Starlotte&Strassilde, carrying out commissions for events with short absurd clips in which they act: J’adhère for the 15 th Festival International des Scénaristes 2012; then the trailer for the 2013 edition; as well as Le Jour le Plus Court, in which they playfully present the sponsors of the Journée Nationale du Court-Métrage initiated by the CNC.

Charlotte Dupont starts playful videos with her daughter in 2018.

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