The sum total of an artistic path is a wave with strange curves, seen close up, it comes from a long way off.
It comes from a desire to act that has no beginning, since it has always existed inside of oneself:
It is linked to a need for fiction, taking precedence over the unacceptable opportunities given to actors who receive so few propositions. In writing, and this is its advantage; you are all of the characters:
It is elucidated by an ability to direct, to bring together a team and to create an image, position so satisfying that you incessantly summon up this situation:
It comes to the fore when you go to the end of the earth and you improvise alone your very own video capsules:
Video artist.
It becomes experimental when it is understood that you can integrate yourself, using all the strings of acting, writing, directing and of imagination, placing yourself in the old films in which you would have wanted to act:
Experimental video artist.
Your pathway  – “parcours” – is a word that, in French, is singular but is always written in the plural form –
Plural, that’s it, I am plural.

Charlotte Dupont